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National Fantasy Football Week falls on the first week of September.

Millions of fantasy football fans will this week undergo their league creation and drafts, done strategically after the culmination of their preseason player research and NFL roster cuts.

And the choices are not taken lightly. What happens this week is pivotal for team and/or league success.

Football analyst and fantasy football league consultant, Paul Kalekas, states, "The ideal time to draft and create your teams/league is right before the regular season in case of injuries occuring during the preseason."

Additionally, once preseason ends the NFL makes their final roster cuts. This year, the 53-man roster deadline fell on August 30th.

So as NFL teams have their finalized roster and prepare for Week 1 games, this time period allows fantasy football players to finalize their rosters.

Moreover, this week is when new fantasy football players go through their biggest learning curve when it comes to the sport.

Hence, the first week of September is
National Fantasy Football Week.